Exhilarating, yet peaceful at the same time, I can still picture the sights and sounds so vividly in my mind. It was as if I had jumped into a pool with my clothes on. One step away from a 356 foot drop. I was standing in front of the world’s largest waterfall, clueless of how that experience would shape my personal brand.

The term “personal brand” is something we hear often that defines how entrepreneurs and business leaders package themselves, their career, and experiences. A formula for potential success for the “always on” platforms today. Personal branding can be difficult, but travel can serve as a catalyst for developing your own:


From your travels, you’ll have many opportunities to recount your exp
eriences to friends, family, and others. Travel helps you be able to tell that story in an engaging way, m
uch the same as you want to do to convey your brand’s story to a customer or future investor.


While traveling, whether it be to your annual beach spot or another continent, seek out the information beyond what you see. The same is true with your brand, look at the big picture and ask ‘what is there more to know?’

Challenging Your Comfort Zone

Vacations are meant to be relaxing, but whatdo you gain from your trip if you don’t push your comfort zones? Traveling to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World or going bungee jumping can teach you to go beyond your comfort zone and give you the courage to integrate this new mindset into your branding, business ventures, and opportunities

Uncovering Your Passions

How do you know you’re meant to be a photographer, artist, or consultant unless you try? Take unique
opportunities to immerse yourself in your surroundings while traveling, and you may end up with a skill you may have never known you have.