Project Description

Lots of Love

Naming/Poitioning, Identity and Design, Copywriting, and PR


“[As of August 7th] we hit our goal and then some, +/-1.2 million, and were told by Food Bank we provided 7M meals! Thank you for all [of] your help.” – Al Honigblum, Lots of Love Founder


Taylor West was approached by local business owner Al Honigblum
with the seed of an idea he wanted help with. Al saw the empty lots of
his own businesses and saw the long lines of people waiting to get food
and supplies from the San Antonio Food bank and realized that if he
and other business owners could offer their empty lots as satellite
distribution points, they could ease the bottleneck at the Food Bank
and help more San Antonians get the help they needed.

We loved the idea and immediately set out to make the concept more
“sticky” and easy to get behind.


We started with the idea of transformation, that empty lots could be filled with hope and help for families in need. It would also symbolize the love that the local participating business owners have for their city, proving that we are all in this together.

Thus the name “Lots of Love” was born. These “Lots” would provide “lots of love” by making it easier for families to get the aid they needed.

The logo was designed based on a parking lot sign, showing a heart with a leaf, symbolizing the love that was growing in these lots.

We saw this as more than a logo though; we saw it as literal signage that could be put up in the parking lots so when people saw that sign, they knew this was one of the “Lots of Love” they could depend on.


After deciding on the name and visual identity, we started by drafting a donation letter for Al to send to friends and family to help support the effort. We knew that storytelling was going to be an important element in helping people understand why they should support this effort, so we took a narrative approach to our explanation.

We also launched a PR initiative to bring visibility to the effort, resulting in coverage in publications like the Rivard Report:

Within a week, we helped Al go from an idea to his first “Lots of Love” event in the parking lot of his business, PicaPica Plaza.