Project Description

Bandera Electric Cooperative

Videography, Storyboarding, Creative Concepting

When you tell great stories, you captivate your audience in the most authentic way.

Bandera Electric Cooperative came to Taylor West with a desire to position their company and communicate that positioning through video storytelling.

Our work began with developing the companies story. Reimagining Rural America was their positioning line, but beyond that, we needed to tell the story about who rural America is in today’s modern society and how Bandera Electric was contributing to continuing “rural” life, but without sacrificing the technological advances that a larger metropolitan area provides.

We then took that message and tied in visuals to bring the story to life in a storyboard format. We then filmed over the course of 2.5 days in Bandera and the Texas Hill Country area that they serve. We worked with local business owners, members of the community, Bandera Electric staff, and the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country to visually tie the story and pull it together.

The final product was then premiered during their virtual 2020 Annual Meeting.