“Every success story is a tale of constant adaption, revision and change.” —Richard Branson

Who would have thought that $5000, a love for photography and a dream would result in serving clients for 30 years!?

Milestone anniversaries naturally cause one to reflect, reminisce and create a new vision for the future. Over the years I have witnessed many shifts in communications and marketing, weathered a few economic downturns and now survived a pandemic, and one thing is certain. Communication services have undergone quite the transformation over the last three decades and agency survival depended on shifting and transforming with them, adapting to change while remaining a constant source of support for clients.

During the 90s, agencies were building brands through strong creative campaigns on traditional media like TV and radio. As we moved into the millennium, agencies shifted to a whole new world online and the dot com bubble spurred lots of website building and developing a brand presence on the world wide web. With the addition of social media, things shifted away from traditional channels to the majority of agency work focusing on digital channels where brands could engage with customers directly through a multitude of digital options.

By the end of 2010, it was becoming very clear that the traditional advertising agency model was dead. Many businesses now outsourced to freelancers or hired in-house to handle many of the projects agencies managed for clients. We quickly learned to plug into those existing teams to provide strategic brand guidance along with strong creative services.

Then the pandemic happened.

Communications went into overdrive, many organizations had to cut their marketing and communication departments, and economic uncertainty created unprecedented pressure on businesses. It was no longer about the launch of a new product, rebranding or promotions. It was about effective communication that kept customers engaged with our clients despite the challenges they faced. It was about helping them survive.

Bill West, 1993

In 2021, companies will need to stay anchored to their brand purpose and truly drive meaningful engagements with their customers. Agility and adaptability will still be crucial. Success will result from gaining a deeper understanding of customer needs.

This year Taylor West will focus on being a solutions provider, helping clients tap into that deeper brand purpose to drive results. We will anticipate client needs and become an extension of their team, providing innovative ideas that reinforce organizational goals that cultivate resiliency, creativity and customer-connectivity.

We will continue to shift, adapt, evolve so that we can continue to serve San Antonio for another 30 years.