Project Description

M&S Engineering

Rebranding Identity & Design, Brochure Copywriting/Art Direction/Print Production, Website Development.



“Taylor West is the marketing firm I’ve been in search of for the last 10 years. Bill, Cory and Claire are friendly and down to earth team to work with. They have helped us turn our complicated and confusing messaging into something simple and clear. If you’ve been struggling to find a marketing, branding, and design firm to help your organization, call them.” – Jason Jones, CFO

“Rebranding” an established company doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul. Most of the time, it’s defining the company/brand culture, understanding their history, and establishing their identity beyond a name and logo.

For M&S Engineering, that is exactly what we did. We started with a half-day discovery session with key stakeholders to understand where the company started, where it had been, and where they were going.

From this session, who they are came to life. The firm has a distinct personality and culture, so we wanted to ensure that both of those were communicated in the brand refresh, creative pieces, and their digital strategies.

We executed a new website, developed the overall messaging strategy for M&S, new creative materials, and determined the look and feel of their email communications.

A successful brand is more than just their name and look, it’s the story they tell and how they make those under the brand and their audience’s feel.