Project Description

Taylor West has a varied client roster and all are feeling the effects of COVID-19 in individual ways. While we maintain an overall brand trajectory for our clients, we have also shifted into planning for shorter periods (typically 90 days) along with constant marketplace evaluation and pivoting when needed.

An example of this is our TWi research offering. TWi is a Texas-specific polling service that checks the pulse of how Texans are feeling on a variety of topics and then translates that into actionable insights that help us navigate these times. Surveys normally take 48 hours to complete so the information is timely and relevant, both of which are vital as the landscape changes by the day.

We also strongly believe that people resonate with brands that have something to say. We help brands find out what that is. We call it “Market with Meaning” and it’s about staying true to your overarching purpose. Even the most challenging of times, knowing your purpose and using it as a rudder will help your brand message stay relevant and keep your communication to your customers valuable.