Project Description

San Antonio Airpower Heritage Foundation

Fundraising Strategy, Video Concepting/Storyboarding/Editing/Production, Brochure Copywriting/Art Direction/Print Production, Website Development.


“The team at Taylor West helped us think through what it was we wanted to communicate about ourselves, who we wanted to tell our story to, what platforms to use, the strategy to be effective….and to execute! Their skill, professionalism and commitment have been amazing. We are thrilled to have them be an integral part of our projects!” – Doug King, President and CEO

Helping a brand position itself can be a challenge. But what about positioning an idea?

The San Antonio Air Power Heritage Foundation came to Taylor West with an idea and a goal, creating a world-class aerospace museum in San Antonio, but a struggle in how to concisely explain all that they wanted it to do.

We started by listening, really listening. Listening beyond what was said but the intention behind it in order to come to an emotional core that people could relate to. Both internally and externally, people would need to be able to rally around what this museum could offer and why it was such a good fit for San Antonio.

We then took that emotional core and let it play out through imagery that was evocative and uplifting in formats like video and brochures which allowed us more avenues for storytelling.

Behind every good brand is a good story and good ideas deserve the same.