It’s not only the most wonderful time of the year, but the time you need to finalize your 2018 marketing plan. Year after year we see changes, the latest and greatest tools, and where Google and Facebook want you to spend your 2018 dollars. But, not all are where you should invest your time and money. Take a look at the top trends we pulled to help in your planning.

Live Streaming 

Once upon a time in early 2017, live streaming seemed to be a nuisance to social media users. Now, engagement and viewerships are up. Why is this? Your audience/consumers want to feel like they are in the room with you. They want to be educated and a part of the event or action you are live streaming. They want to provide their feedback immediately and have their questions answered in a matter of seconds. THANK YOU millennials.

In 2018, consider making your brand an interactive experience as a way to keep your content entertaining and fresh.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Not only will AI be taking over jobs in the next 5 years (no stone is left unturned), it will also be taking over customer service, monitoring user behavior, and answering your product questions online. Big corporations like Facebook are investing in AI to monitor their users behavior and prevent things like fake news and even suicide.


It seems now that wherever your smart phone goes, you go. That is why geo-fencing/targeting is becoming even more important year after year. Not only can you target specific roads or highways, you can also target an area down to 3 square feet! Billboard companies are even taking advantage of this technology when leasing their boards. Traditional media, time to step up to the plate!

By allocating a portion of your spend to these tactics, you’ll reap the benefits of their robust targeting abilities.

Voice Optimized Content 

The way consumers are searching on their smart phones is changing. They no longer have to type out a search for their next meal or quick trivia answer, they can simply speak to their preferred search engine to bring up their desired search results. Businesses are not only having to maintain and optimize their content for organic search, but also think differently about how to optimize for the modern digital age.

If you need help leveraging any of these tactics or strategies, contact us today! Let us get you ahead of the game.